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Suneldercare, Care of elderly

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Many people and families live, care and are responsible for some older person , but now because of the lifestyle and work schedules can not possibly pay them all the attention to the older person they would like.

If you 're looking for experts in the care of elderly and sick to take care of them when you can not, do not hesitate to contact us, we can move to your home so you do not have to worry about anything.

Our specialists have been trained in geriatrics and nursing and are nice and close to the elderly, know each patient cope with and treat your best to not miss anything.

We can take care of hygiene and grooming, help users to wash and shower so there is no danger of falls and especially for those whose mobility is reduced.

We also will arrange to take their medication and any decision not to forget, in addition to take their pulse, blood pressure, temperature ... to have a check and warn you if there was anything out of the ordinary.

We serve both moving us to his own home, a practical choice for people who barely move out of bed, or we can accompany your family to hospital or move to a residence.

We have experience in the care of dependent persons, we know what exercises to do with the arms and legs so that the joints do not atrophy and how to move them.

In addition to the care of these people if we want to take care of household cleaning , cooking , dusting or scrubbing, as it could be dangerous if the person does one or some are not able to.

Let their elders in our hands and be satisfied . We work in and around Malaga and Costa del Sol and we have a help desk 24 hours in case you need in the most unexpected moment .

Home assistance

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If you have a sick relative, dependent or who need special care and you do not have time or spend many hours away from home , we have the solution: our experts in geriatric nursing and move to their own home.

It is a convenient and comfortable way and will not have to bring any center , nor transport in special vehicles if they have mobility problems or use wheelchairs.

We can go home the everyday, a couple a week and the hours you want, it is a matter of reaching an agreement that benefits all.

We will come to your home in order to care for her family, give food, asearle, her company, give her medication to not miss any decision or control their constant.

We have a long experience in doing so you can rest easy. In addition to everything related to the care and health of your family, we can also take care of the house keeping.

In this way we can mop the floor, dusting, ironing, put the washing machine and tender... and all tasks that become complicated when a person has mobility problems. Also down the garbage or going to buy if the person can not leave home and need something or some medication, besides accompany him to a medical center if you visit or if not feeling well.

Depending on the situation we need more or fewer days and hours, we have a 24 hour service so that the schedule will not be a problem.

Contact our experts Malaga and see what we can do so that there is a good atmosphere in your home and your family will not feel alone and is well maintained. Call us or enter our website, you will be surprised.








Our specialists have been trained in geriatrics and nursing they know cope with each patient and treat the best to not miss anything .


If you have a sick relative, dependent or who need special care and you do not have time, we go to his own home .


We will monitor his vital signs with the necessary equipment and know how to interpret each outcome , take an exhaustive control to detect any abnormality.


We take care of dependent people who can not fend for themselves , know how to deal with them and how to look after them .
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